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How to Earn Money Online From PTC Sites

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GMT + 3 Hours How to Earn Money Online From PTC Sites

Post by i_am~the_best on Fri Apr 15, 2016 8:43 am

Now a days everyone want to Earn money from internet.Some people start blogging to earn money online from internet.But everyone cannot create and manager website.If a person have no experience in internet Then how can he will earn Money?Here is a very best way to earn money. PTC sites are very fast and best way to earn money Online from Internet.You have to Create an Account on PTC sites and just views the ads that the sites will gives to you.

What Are PTC sites?

PTC stands for Pay To Click.In these sites mostly high ranked companies and websites advertise their products and pay money to these PTC sites.When a member of any PTC site will view ads the PTC sites pay to that member who view this ads.It's very easy way to Earn money with Pay to Click sites.

How to Earn Money Online From PTC Sites?

  • First of all you have to create an Online Bank Account.The best Online bank account i prefer yo "PAYZA."Just go to Payza.com and register you online bank account.
  • After creating an Online bank account to have create Account in PTC sites.
  • Click to the following PTC sites banner and Click register to make your Own account.
    NeoBux Pay To Click Service

    LittleBux Pay To Click Service
    Clixsence Pay To Click Service

    Express Paid Pay To Click Service

    ClixBlue Pay To Click Service

    NobleBux Pay To Click Service

  • After making your account go to your Email and verify it. After verification login to PTC sites and you have to click "View ads/ view advertisements/view your ads" these type of options.
  • After that you see many ads buttons.Click one ad and wait for 5 to 10 second and then click other ads.Similarly view all the ads to earn Money Online.

How Much you can Earn by Pay to Click sites?

In 1 PTC site you can earn 1 day = 0.5 US Dollar
In 1 PTC site you can earn 7 day = 3.5 US Dollar
In 1 PTC site you can earn 30 day = 15 US Dollar
If you will work in 10 PTC sites Then your Monthly Earning will be 15x10 =150 US Dollar
In every PTC site you just have to view ads only for 10 Minutes every days
If any on need any information Don't hesitate to contact with me by commenting here. 

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